PACC 2013: Day 5 Review

China skip, Bingyu Wang, helped her team qualify for the semi-finals today Photo: Chinese Curling Association/Yang Gao

Following the fifth day of play, China, Korea, Japan and New Zealand women and Japan, New Zealand and China men have all qualified for the semi-finals of the Pacific-Asia Curling Championships 2013 being held in Shanghai, China.

After losing in their morning session game against Japan women 11-3 in nine ends, New Zealand picked themselves up to go on and beat Australia in the afternoon. This win guaranteed semi-final qualification for China, Korea and Japan.

The game between New Zealand and Australia proved to be another tight affair between the Trans-Tasman rivals, that again went down to the last stone. Fourth player Thivya Jeyaranjan, who had kept her team in the game with an angled-raise in the ninth end to score a crucial point, made a precise draw with her final shot in an extra end to take the single point needed for their 8-7 victory.

After what was their sixth loss of the week, Australia skip, Kim Forge, said: “In today’s game, their fourth (player) played really well - she made the clutch shots when they really needed to so that’s the difference. I had my chance in ten but didn’t quite get there and she made an excellent shot in the extra end for the win.”

On their experiences in this Championship, she added: “One way we are lucky to get to compete at an event like this. However, there’s basically two different levels here – the professionals and then the amateur athletes like ourselves and New Zealand. This is now more apparent than ever. The Pacific-Asia region is very strong because of the professional athletes and because of this the competition is very tough. In order to compete, we need a rink (in Australia), we need some ice then we need younger players coming through.”

In the other women’s afternoon game, China ended Korea’s five game winning streak, the crucial blow coming in the sixth end when they took four points to give them an 8-2 lead. Although Korea hit back with three points in the next end, they conceded after nine ends of play with the final score 10-5.

Afterwards, China skip, Bingyu Wang, said: “That was a very good win, good for our confidence. The first game (against Korea) we made more mistakes than they did, that’s why they won. Today we focused and were patient with the ice, with the curl and with the rocks. Today they started to miss shots and that’s how we won.”

She continued: “If we win the next game then we hope we will finish in first place going into the semi-final. It doesn’t matter which team we play in the semi-final, we will just play our own game, at our level.”

In the morning men’s session, the New Zealand and Australia game wasn’t as close as the women’s encounter. New Zealand took advantage in the second end as skip, Peter de Boer, drew through a busy house to score three points. They remained ahead throughout the game and when de Boer drew to the back of the eight foot ring to score six points in the sixth end, Australia decided to concede with the final score 10-3.

Japan earned their seventh win of the Championship as they defeated Chinese Taipei, qualifying them for the semi-finals. After taking three points in the third end, Japan skip Yusuke Morozumi furthered enhanced his teams lead after making a difficult double-take out to take two points in the fifth end. Chinese Taipei conceded after the ninth end with the final score 9-5.

China meanwhile qualified for the semi-finals as they took revenge upon Korea, who had beat them earlier in the Championship. Scores of two points in the first and sixth end and another three points in the eighth and final end sealed their 7-3 win.

In the evening session, Korea women got back to winning ways as they defeated Australia 10-3 in six ends, taking five of their points from the last two ends. This left them at the top of the rankings with China, both on six wins and one loss.

As a result of this game, Australia, with only one game left, cannot match the number of games won by fourth placed New Zealand (two wins), guaranteeing New Zealand the fourth semi-final spot in the women’s Championship.

Three men’s games took place alongside the women’s game in the evening. China and Japan were locked in a tight game until the very last stone in the extra end in which China skip, Rui Liu, was short with his final draw to give Japan a steal of one point to win 8-7.

New Zealand meanwhile kept up the pressure on China and Japan in the standings as they defeated Chinese Taipei 10-4 after eight ends of play, taking advantage in the fifth end with a steal of three points as Chinese Taipei skip, Randie Shen, was heavy with his final draw. This win saw New Zealand guarantee their place in the semi-finals while the winner of the Korea versus Chinese Taipei game at 09:00 tomorrow will secure the only other remaining men’s semi-final spot.

Korea kept within reach of the semi-finals as they defeated Australia who were still looking for their first win of the Championship. After taking three points in the third end and stealing two points in the fourth end, Australia could not get back into the game, conceding after Korea took another three points in the seventh and final end.

Afterwards, Korea skip, Soo-Hyuk Kim, said: “All of our team members felt very good in each of their positions tonight - we played well. We now have five losses and four wins so we have been doing ok but we will be looking to play better each game we play.”

He continued: “We hope to go to the Olympics so we are using this Championship to get more practice ahead of the Olympic Qualification Event in Germany, but of course a medal would be nice as well.”

Tomorrow’s first session of play begins at 09:00 (CST). For more information about the event / schedule / team line-ups / past champions / live scoring and more information, visit the official event website:


Men Session 8:
Australia 3, New Zealand 10
China 7, Korea 3
Japan 9, Chinese Taipei 5

Men Session 9:
New Zealand 10, Chinese Taipei 4
Korea 10, Australia 3
China 7, Japan 8

Women Session 10:
New Zealand 3, Japan 11

Women Session 11:
New Zealand 8, Australia 7
China 10, Korea 5

Women Session 12:
Korea 10 Australia 3


1. Japan 7-1 (Qualified for semi-finals)
2. New Zealand 6-3 (Qualified for semi-finals)
3. China 5-3 (Qualified for semi-finals)
4. Korea 4-5
4. Chinese Taipei 4-5
6. Australia 0-9

1. China 6-1 (Qualified for semi-finals)
1. Korea 6-1 (Qualified for semi-finals)
3. Japan 3-3 (Qualified for semi-finals)
4. New Zealand 2-5 (Qualified for semi-finals)
5. Australia 0-7

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