PACC 2013: Korea women and China men win gold

Korea women, Pacific-Asia Curling Champions 2013 Photo: Chinese Curling Association/Yang Gao
China men, Pacific-Asia Curling Champions 2013 Photo: Chinese Curling Association/Yang Gao

Korea women and China men are the Pacific-Asia Curling champions following the final day of play at the Pacific-Asia Curling Championships 2013 being held in Shanghai, China.

With Korea women taking the gold medals, China picked up silver while Japan won bronze. In the men’s event, with China taking gold, Japan picked up silver and Korea won bronze.

The women’s gold medal game provided great drama. After Korea had blanked the first end, hosts China stole a single point in the second end. Korea took one point back immediately in the third end before stealing two points of their own in the fourth end when China skip, Bingyu Wang, was wide with her final draw.

China then took control of the game, levelling the score after taking two points in the fifth end before Korea skip, Ji-Sun Kim, was long with her final draw, giving China a steal of four points in the sixth end and a 7-3 lead.

The comeback then began as Korea took two points in the seventh end with a simple hit and then stole another point in the eighth end, taking to score to 7-6. China took one point in the ninth end before Korea skip, Ji-Sun Kim, made a double-takeout to take the three points needed to secure a 9-8 win.

This was Korea women’s third Pacific-Asia Curling Championship title and the second for skip, Ji-Sun Kim who won the title back in 2010. Kim’s team this year consisted of Un-chi Gim (third), Mi-sung Shin (second), Seul-bee Lee (lead) and Min-ji Um (Alternate).

Afterwards, Korea skip, Ji-Sun Kim said: “I was very nervous in this game but it was a good experience to have won in the final end. I can’t explain how good I feel right now.”

She added: “My team played really well. Even though we made some mistakes, we knew we just had to focus and aim for the broom. We needed to believe and focus to give ourselves a chance, especially after we lost the four (points). At the time, we were making too many mistakes so we didn’t care. We just had to refocus and in the end we won the game and I am so happy.”

Although China skip, Bingyu Wang, was disappointed to lose the final, she believes her team can take a lot from the game. She said: “It’s tough because it looked like we were going to win and then we lost. It wasn’t that bad though. In fact, I think it’s a good experience ahead of the Olympic Qualification event in Germany because you need to learn from your losses, especially in situations like this when you think you are going to win and you don’t.

She continued: “I guess after the shock, this experience could prove useful for us. I think this event has been great as we have learned so many things from teams like Japan and Korea, and we hope that we can use this to do better in Füssen.”

In the bronze medal game, Japan defeated New Zealand 11-3 after eight ends of play.

In the men’s gold medal game, Japan got off to an excellent start in their gold medal game against China, scoring three points in the first end. China then took two points of their own in the second end. Arguably the shot of the game came in the third end when China third, Xiaoming Xu, made a quadruple take-out with his first stone, which eventually forced Japan to take a single point from what could have been many more.

China took the lead for the first time in the fifth end with a score of three points, before stealing another point in the sixth end to earn a 6-4 lead. Japan then levelled the game in the seventh end but could not hold on, as China took another two points in the ninth end and stole a point to seal their 9-6 win in the tenth end after Japan skip, Yusuke Morozumi, failed with an attempted split.

This win, thanks to skip, Rui Liu and his team of Xiaoming Xu (third), Dexin Ba (second), Jialiang Zang (lead) and Dejia Zou (alternate), was China’s seventh consecutive Pacific-Asia Curling Championship title.

After winning this title again for the sixth time in his career, China skip, Rui Liu, said: “It feels excellent to have won this Championship again, it’s very exciting for the team.”

On his team’s performance he said: “For this game, we felt very, very relaxed. There was no pressure on our shoulders so we played very well because we felt very calm. Of course, we know that Japan are a very good team - they have played together for many years and we have played them many times. When we play them it really just depends on which team makes more mistakes and thankfully, today, they did and we managed to take the win.”

After picking up the silver medals, Japan skip, Yusuke Morozumi said: “It’s good to qualify for the World Men’s Curling Championship but we just made too many simple mistakes today - I’m very disappointed.”

On their experiences at the Championships, Morozumi said: “We have learned a lot from this event and have played many games, which is good practice ahead of the Olympic Qualification event. There will be better teams in Füssen so we will need to practice more and prepare for that event which is only a few weeks away.”

In the men’s bronze medal game, Korea defeated New Zealand by stealing one point in the last end to win 7-6.

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Women's Medal Games:
Gold: China 8, Korea 9
Bronze: New Zealand 3, Japan 11

Men's Medal Games:
Gold: China 9, Japan 6
Bronze: Korea 7, New Zealand 6


1. Korea 9-1 (Gold & Qualified for WWCC 2014)
2. China 8-2 (Silver & Qualified for WWCC 2014)
3. Japan 5-5 (Bronze)
4. New Zealand 2-8
5. Australia 0-8

1. China 8-4 (Gold & Qualified as host for WMCC 2014)
2. Japan 9-3 (Silver & Qualified for WMCC 2014)
3. Korea 6-6 (Bronze)
4. New Zealand 7-5
5. Chinese Taipei 4-6
6. Australia 0-10

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• The Ford World Women’s Curling Championship 2014 will take place in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada (15-23 March)

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