Please find downloadable results below for all completed sessions at PACC 2013.

You can also see scores and standings here:


   Men Medal GamesPDF112Kb   
   Women Medal GamesPDF110Kb   
   Women S14PDF104Kb   
   Women S13PDF109Kb   
   Women S12PDF104Kb   
   Men S11PDF105Kb   
   Women S11PDF109Kb   
   Men S10PDF110Kb   
   Women S10PDF104Kb   
   Men S9PDF115Kb   
   Women S9PDF103Kb   
   Men S8PDF114Kb   
   Women S8PDF108Kb   
   Men S7PDF112Kb   
   Women S7PDF104Kb   
   Men S6PDF114Kb   
   Women S6PDF107Kb   
   Men S5PDF113Kb   
   Women S5PDF103Kb   
   Men S4PDF113Kb   
   Women S4PDF108Kb   
   Men S3PDF113Kb   
   Women S3PDF102Kb   
   Men S2PDF112Kb   
   Women S2PDF106Kb   
   Men S1PDF113Kb   
   Women S1PDF100Kb   
Some files may require programs or viewers to open or view the download: Acrobat Reader

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