The Shanghai Fei Yang Skating Centre Photo:

The Pacific-Asia Curling Championships 2013 will be hosted in the Feiyan Skating Centre.

It is located within the Sanlin Sports Centre at 471 Qihe Road, Pudong District.

The Sanlin Sports Centre covers an area of 54,900 square meters with the Feiyang Skating Centre occupying 8000 square meters thereof with two ice rinks: one Olympic-sized on the 2nd floor (60m*30m), with 4500 seats and a rink on the 1st floor, measuring 55m x23m, used primarily for public skating and leisure activities.

Adjacent to the rink, there are multiple other facilities, including an Olympic-sized swimming pool, basketball courts, soccer and rugby fields and tennis courts.

Access to the rink is easy by car and is only a 10 minute walk to Metro lines 6 and 7. Also in the area are the 2010 World EXPO site and the famous China Pavilion (now called the China Art Museum).


Shanghai Fei Yang Skating Centre
471 Qihe Road
Pudong District

Note: The below map only shows approximate location.

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