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Please find below information relating to visas for China.... Read More

Pacific-Asia Curling Federation

The Pacific-Asia Curling Federation (PACF) is the regional sport body responsible for the development and promotion of curling in the Pacific-Asia region. ... Read More

Pacific-Asia Curling Championships

The Pacific-Asia Curling Championships (PACC) have been held annually since 1991. The event is open to teams from the World Curling Federation's Pacific-Asia Zone. The winner and runner-up in this year's Men's ... Read More

The Chinese Curling Association

The Chinese Curling Association was founded in 2001 and became a member of the WCF in 2002. At present there are over 330 registered curlers in China and four dedicated ice facilities where curling is played, in Beijin... Read More

World Curling Federation

The World Curling Federation is the world governing body of the Olympic Winter Sport of Curling and the Paralympic Winter Sport of Wheelchair Curling. Originally founded in 1966 as the International Curling Federation, t... Read More


The Pacific-Asia Curling Championships 2013 will be hosted in the Feiyan Skating Centre. It is located within the Sanlin Sports Centre at 471 Qihe Road, Pudong District. The Sanlin Sports Centre covers an area of 54,90... Read More

Getting to Shanghai

Shanghai has two commercial airports: Pudong International and Hongqiao International. Pudong International has the third highest traffic in China, following Beijing Capital International Airport and Hong Kong Internati... Read More

About Shanghai

Dynamic by nature and necessity, Shanghai is proof that the world's most populous city can be livable and loveable. Merchants and tycoons once sought their fortune here and it still has a whiff of opportunism and deca... Read More

Past PACC Champions

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